How to Book a Hotel With

Select your preferred hotel

There are many ways to select a hotel. We display some of the deals and offers on our home page and you can see most of the available offers on the offers page. You can also search hotels by type, destination or by typing keywords in to the search box on the home page. You can also select form the “Featured Hotels”. Clicking the “Hotels” link on the main navigation will display all the listed hotels.

Sending the booking request

Once you are on a hotel listing page, click book now button and you’ll be taken to the booking form. Submit your booking. will generate you a booking reference ID. You can use your email and the booking reference ID to login and check the status of your booking. Once you are logged in you can also cancel the booking.

Payments and confirmation of your booking

Once your booking is received the hotel will tentatively confirm or deny your booking based on the availability. Some hotels require you to pay via bank transfer in order to secure your booking while some don’t. Please note that . does not charge you anything.

Cancellation of a booking

You can cancel your bookings anytime by logging in with your email and the booking ID. If you have made a payment please make sure to read the cancellation policy of that particular hotel.