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srilankatraveller.com allows you to list your hotel, update any of the information and receive bookings. You are responsible for keeping your listing up to date. Once you've added your hotel to srilankatraveller.com, we will send you the agreement.

By adding your hotel to srilankatraveller.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You must be the genuine owner, management or the proprietor of the hotel and we'll verify it with you before activating your listing.
  2. You agree not to send unsolicited commercial emails to guests
  3. You agree not to grant access to srilankatraveller.com to third parties for commercial or any other reason without prior approval from srilankatraveller.com

Failure to comply with these Terms of Use may lead to suspension of your access to srilankatraveller.com Services.

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